About Us

Meat Online Concept

At Meat Online, our main goal is to deliver quality meat and poultry products at your doorstep. We are a startup company founded in Dubai and the experts behind our success are entrepreneurs who are equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and remarkable experience in the field of meat and poultry industry, perfect to give you the kind of service you deserve.

We are bringing you tens of years of experience in supplying top notch five stars restaurants and hotels in the UAE with high-quality meat and poultry products customized to suit every taste.

We supply high-quality beef steaks, Angus beef, grass-fed beef steak and organic steak from renowned suppliers around the globe, to our delighted hoteliers and restaurants in the UAE.

We have our own butchery where we slaughter and prepare local and imported sheep, goats and cows from several renowned meat suppliers in Dubai. We also prepare locally produced chicken, fresh daily and customized to suit all different cooking styles.

Our experience in digital marketing and logistics brings you a renowned website/application that is friendly to use and simple to navigate. We have teamed up with one of the leading website/application developers in the region to bring you a renowned platform to simply use in few clicks to place your order and buy meat online, manage it, pay online or offline, and track your order until it is delivered at your doorstep.

Our long experience in logistics and food delivery is very articulate and we have built a sophisticated network of logistics and delivery solutions targeting to deliver on time, each time, ensuring the quality & freshness maintained.

Our Vision

We aim to be the most preferred poultry, seafood, and meat supplier in the UAE. We are looking to expand, exceeding the MENA, to deliver high-quality meat to all quality-conscious and health-oriented household in the region.


Our Mission

Providing our customers with high-quality meat, poultry, and fish, raw, prepared ready-to-cook or ready-to-grill; daily fresh, organic, and standard, cut-to-desire, customized to meet your cooking style that fit your healthy lifestyle. And with using a modern and simple online application, we’ll give you home meat delivery service straight to your door-step, seamlessly. 


Ask for our Delivery Saver Vouchers for delivery of orders less than AED 100.00.
Our Story

Why Meat Online?

You will be dealing with an experienced supplier of meat and poultry:  This is our only business.  We do not do anything else.  Meat & poultry preparation is our passion – we are one of the best meat suppliers in the UAE.

We deliver fresh quality products:  We are diligent on the products we source, the way we prepare them, and the speed we deliver them to you.

We understand your needs: We strive to cater to these needs – whether you want organic, low fat or cut into a certain size and format we work according to your instructions as if you are standing in front of the butcher at the butchery and watching them cut the meat according to your instructions.

We save your time: Stop wasting your time queuing at supermarkets buying your meat and poultry from a non-specialized butchery.  With a few clicks, you can buy fresh meat online from us and have it delivered at your doorstep.

We save you freezer space: Instead of buying your meat and poultry needs for the entire month and jamming your freezer, we offer you fresh meat and poultry delivery customized as you wish, bi-weekly, weekly, twice a week or even daily.  You choose the frequency that is suitable for you, we deliver on time.

Timely Orders: Are you a busy couple? Taking care of a family, both are working and you find it challenging to prepare the dinner on time after getting back from work?  We offer you the solution.  Place your order and set the delivery day and time just when you arrive home from work.  That’s it! Your order will arrive at your doorstep at the same time you reach home.  You got it, a ready-to-cook meat/poultry, fresh/high quality and no defrosting.

Competitive Pricing: Our prices are highly competitive.  The price you pay against the quality you receive is highly competitive. We are delivering quality meat and poultry only.

Buy & Save: Each time you place an order online, you gain loyalty points, that you can redeem them to save on your next orders.